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Selling Tips

The Experience and Resources to Sell Your Home at the Best Price!

Change in lifestyle or just a change in scenery…let us sell your home so that you can focus on more important things.

Perhaps you're about to relocate to a new job, or are thinking of retiring. Maybe the kids have moved out and now you need less space - or you just had a baby and need more. Whatever your circumstances, you want the sale of your home to go as smoothly possible - and within your ideal time frame and, of course, getting the best price possible.

Selling a home becomes easier if you have some guidelines to follow - and a RealtySouth Sales Associate to call on.

Six Easy Steps to Selling a Home
The down-and-dirty selling basics, from fixing up to moving.

Free Home Seminars
. Sign up now and get invaluable advice and tips on selling your home so that no details get missed. Contact a RealtySouth Sales Associate or click on the Contact button above.

Working With an Agent.
Why working with a real estate agent makes sense and how to choose one who's right for you.

How RealtySouth Can Help Your Home Sell!
From finding buyers, to marketing tools, to special programs, RealtySouth Sales Associates have the tools and expertise to make your home sell.

'Curb Appeal' and Other Selling Tips.
A quick look at your finances and what you can afford, the benefits of equity, what tax advantages you have as a home owner, and getting pre-qualified and approved.

Home Warranty & Inspection.
Our warranty programs can make the purchase or sale or your home go smoother - and faster!

Accepting an Offer.
What to know about accepting an offer on your home.

Understanding the closing process will help alleviate stress during the selling transaction.

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